Our Service

Nythu (which means ‘to nest’ in Welsh) offers a bespoke online wedding gift list service; helping couples to feather their love nests whilst reassuring wedding guests that their gift to the newly weds will be cherished.

Working with independent craftspeople from Wales and the UK we offer a discerning range of homewares; this includes block printed cushions, knitted blankets, wheel-thrown ceramics, hand-blown glasses, woven baskets and more.

We take pride in our customer service; whilst our online gift list service ensures convenience, we maintain a personal touch by providing each couple with a dedicated Gift List Curator.

Our values of quality and attention to detail are at the core of the service we provide.

How does it work?

For Couples For Guests

1. Register

Register an account to start compiling your own bespoke wedding gift list. You can personalise your list with your photo and a personal message to your guests.

2. Choose

Browse our carefully curated collection of homewares made by independent craftspeople and add items to your own wedding gift list.  As well as adding a Nythu gift card, you may also designate items as group gifts for guests to contribute towards.

3. Share

Share your list with friends and family by including a discreet card with each invitation, providing guests with a convenient and reassuring way to choose a meaningful gift for you.

4. Enjoy

Delivery of your gifts will be arranged free of charge once you have consolidated your list and placed your order.


It's important to us that you simply adore your gifts, that’s why we offer you the flexibility to swap items before you place your final order.

Dedicated Gift List Curator

Have a question or need advice? The role of your dedicated Gift List Curator is to ensure a personal touch in addition to the convenience provided by our online service.

Free of charge

We are proud to provide our service to you and your guests free of charge. This includes complimentary delivery.

Lifetime discount

Benefit from a lifetime discount of 10% on future purchases from Nythu; enabling you to grow your collection, replace any breakages or buy your partner a thoughtful anniversary gift.

Only the best

We carefully curate our range of homewares to reflect your good taste and appreciation of quality craftsmanship.

Bilingual service

We're proud to offer our service in Welsh and English.

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